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    Thanksgiving Leftovers Redefined

    Photo credit: My Kitchen Love

    The biggest perk of cooking a big meal for any holiday is the leftovers. What happens when you can’t even think about another turkey sandwich though? How about a couple of great ways to reinvent that turkey or even stuffing into something the whole family will love?

    My friend Gayle over at The Soup Solution, came up with this great idea for crisping up any leftover stuffing and adding it to soup for a more substantial meal and let’s be honest, minimal cooking. You can hop over to Gayle’s explanation around the how to do this easy recipe on IG, here.

    Photo credit and recipe: The Soup Solution

    Photo credit and recipe: The Soup Solution

    Leftover turkey and sweet potatoes take a classic Autumn spin in this Turkey Chipotle Chili. Skip the first step and add the leftover cooked turkey at the end with about 3-5 minutes left, just long enough so it warms. It’s filled with squash so it’s pretty much a one pot meal!

    Photo credit: My Kitchen Love

    Photo credit: My Kitchen Love

    16 ways to use up leftover Turkey via Bon Appetit Magazine can be found here. Turkey Pho anyone?

    Adding rice, bright fruit, nuts and seeds to any vegetable leftovers like in this recipe looks pretty tasty to me! This is actually how to use Christmas leftovers, but it’s mostly the same food anyways so I figured you wouldn’t mind if I cheated a bit 🙂

    Happiest of Thanksgiving to you and yours! Hope your version of turkey is extra delicious this year!

    Enjoy! xo

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