8 ways your toddler entertains himself on a walk around the block

Kyla and her toddler, Hunter, go on a walk around the block.

Like any other typical morning at home with Hunter, he grabbed my boots and brought them to me as I tried to inhale my morning coffee on the couch.  Since he isn’t very verbal yet, this is his signal for “Let’s go outside.”  I loaded my coffee in a to-go mug, geared him up and headed out since the rain had subsided momentarily.  Luckily for me, toddlers are really good at entertaining themselves with the mundane. This allows me to slowly follow him and comment on his amazing finds, while sipping my treasured coffee.

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#1 Puddles 

Alright this one is an obvious one.  Anyone with a little one will know, they love their puddles. Any way to get as wet as possible as quickly as possible.  My kid has run in the bloody water park with all his clothes on, twice. Hunter refuses to wear a muddy buddy, so I just give in to the fact that he will get soaked. Hopefully we are close enough to home that he won’t have a meltdown because he’s wet.  Even though it was his idea to get completely wet in the first place.

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#2 Rocks

Hunter loves rocks. This is also great because he starts throwing them at which point we have to have the “Don’t throw rocks” discussion.  Okay, maybe you can throw rocks but just not at anybody.  This is getting too complicated, DON’T THROW ROCKS!

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#3 Random Garbage 

My kid loves some random garbage.  Look how proudly he displays his find. Previous to this random piece of plastic, which was perhaps a balloon? Hunter was playing with the plastic water bottle in the background.  This is great cause I’m pretty sure this random garbage bought me at least 5 minutes of entertaining my kid.  Except watch out for, you know, needles and stuff.

Processed with VSCOcam with g3 preset#4 Sand 

Hunter loves playing in sand. I presume that’s why they have sand boxes at playgrounds.  This picture is his “I just ate a bunch of sand” look.  Even at almost 2, he still has his moments of putting random crap in his mouth. When he was around 9 months, I had to be on perma-watch, the kid put every thing in sight in his mouth.  I mean sand is great for kids, its tactile. Just keep an eye on them, or they give you this look.

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#5 Bark Mulch

My kid freaking loves bark mulch. I’m not sure why exactly.  Look how he proudly displays his pile of bark mulch on the edge of the playground.  He will pile bark mulch on the playground and put it in the tiny holes of the equipment. I always try to get him on the swings and the slide (which he does eventually).  Mostly he just looks at me like “Mom! There is bark mulch!”

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#6 Reflections

Kids love their reflection.  Hunter will look at his reflection anywhere.  He stops in front of my parents wine fridge on a daily basis.  Notice the wet butt from the slide and lack of muddy buddy. #motheroftheyear

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#7 These Cement Thingys

These cement thingys are the perfect toddler height.  He can climb on it unlike a lot of things at the “big kids” playground.  It’s also the perfect height for him to slip and smash his teeth in.  Luckily, he got quickly distracted by something else and left this death trap.

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#8 Leaves 

Another obvious one, who doesn’t like jumping in a pile of leaves? Fall is the perfect, and only, time for this so take advantage while you can.  This bought me almost 10 minutes.  I would have let him stay longer but these leaf piles were on a neighbour’s lawn so I was worried they would come out at any minute to yell at us.  It’s always best to teach your children to trespass early.

As a Type A woman with always a million things on the go, pre-child I was a fast walker.  Learning to walk and experience the world at a toddler’s speed takes some getting used to.  It does make you appreciate the world at a slower pace. At times even an American Beauty, floating plastic bag moment. Mostly, its just walking ridiculously slow, so make sure your coffee mug is full.

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