Carina and Bree

Peaks & Harbours was founded in 2014 by Carina and Bree, young, professional moms who live and work in Vancouver, BC. Finding themselves un-represented in the blogosphere, they decided to start P&H as a way to document their adventures in the hope of connecting with other like-minded moms. Two-years year in, Peaks & Harbours has grown to include contributors and partnerships, and the fun continues off-line with their Instagram and blog community meet-ups.

People often ask why there are no ads on the site. Simply stated, we aren’t selling you anything. P&H is always interested in advertorials and attending events and festivals, but we decided early on to focus on content and see what collaborations come from our hard work. While not exactly profitable in the mainstream sense, our goals are to expand our community and have an outlet for creativity that would otherwise pass us (the working parent) by. If you are a company interested in sharing your story, or if you are interested in a collaboration, contact the P&H team today — we’d love to hear from you.



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