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People of Vancouver – Rachel Ricketts

Grief. Shock. Horror. If you, like I do, reach for your phone each morning to read the news with a huge sense of looming dread, terrified to read what’s happened over night, which small step forward was dismantled, who’s been hurt, ignored, and mistreated by a sociopathic president to the south, extremists, and those enabling it all through silence, ignorance, and apathy. If you’ve been in a constant state of “WHAT THE F*CK” and “HOW?” and “WHEN WILL THIS END?!” this past year, you’re not alone. If the questions of “what do I do and how?” have been gnawing at your brain, then read on. Today’s RAD Person of Vancouver is not only an amazing, woke AF woman (cause she is), she’s a Grief Coach, Death Doula, Intuitive Coach, Writer, “Recovering Lawyer”, and Fierce Feminist.  Continue Reading

Experience Vancouver – The Fluffy Edition

vancouver cherry blossom festival - vancouver portrait photographer

I started this “Experience Vancouver” feature because I was tired (read discouraged) from all of the negative blog posts and news articles that had been circulating around the inter-webs, regarding the decline of culture in Vancouver, the un-affordability, the “it’s you Vancouver, not me!” My discouragement definitely wasn’t coming from just the articles and posts; it was coming from personal circumstances as well.

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Experience Vancouver – The Hot Chocolate Festival Edition

This was a delicious post to prepare. The Hot Chocolate Festival is going on right now and if you want to get out and experience some of the best cafe’s in Vancouver, I’d recommend hitting up a few of the participating vendors to try their signature chocolate beverages.

The festival is not just a good excuse to drink hot chocolate, it’s also a fundraiser for the Downtown Eastside Women’s job training program of the PHS Community Services Society and East Van Roasters. 

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