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An Abdication of Responsibility 

I wrote a story last week and sent it to my editor, knowing she’s going to have mixed feelings, and prefaced with the following:

“The story follows Nye over a series of years where she grows angrier and angrier with the injustice, and the inability of anyone to put an end to what she believes to be a wholly unfair act. When she can no longer sit idle to the power structure her people enable, she resists the status quo and decides to put an end to this inured custom.”

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changing paths (again)

Helllllooooooooooo….. I swear, every time I write something here, it starts with an apology as to why I’ve let so much time lapse. I won’t let it happen again as I have now made a commitment to write on P&H on a regular basis (along with a bunch of new and returning women), and since I hate carrying around the guilt of letting people down, I think I will be able to actually do this. Continue Reading


Today I learned that if you ‘lug-a-rug’ to the carpet cleaner you save 20% off your rug cleaning. I also learned that you should not have a wool shag-rug in your living room if you have a vegan chocolate lab who likes to eat any meat and dairy she can get her greasy paws on when she thinks you have left her for the evening and she gets all sneaky and shit and uses her invisible opposable thumbs to open the compost. Continue Reading

A new identity

So I spent the weekend updating my identity. My online identity that is. In addition to updating all my social media channels (except LinkedIn, because it doesn’t make sense to me) and completely transformed my website into a vision of who I want to be. And now I am exhausted. Who knew constructing a virtual identity could suck the actual life out of someone? Continue Reading

A (Triumphant) Return

Today we saved a dark-eyed junco from (un)certain death. For those of you not familiar with this breed of bird, it’s like a small grey sparrow, commonly found eating seeds on the ground, which is how it must have found its way into the jowls of the neighbours cat. Continue Reading

Tripping Out

Yesterday my son asked me if I remembered our road-trip in the Westie… And as he started to get all reminiscent, I reminded him it was a few weeks ago. But then I started thinking that he’s right — with everything we’ve had going on since our trip to the interior of BC, it does seem like a lifetime ago. Does that happen to anyone else? You get home and hit the ground running, getting caught-up with laundry and getting them back to their lessons and school (not to mention work). Sometimes it’s nice to reminisce… Maybe my little guy is on to something here. Continue Reading