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Accessible Vancouver? Navigating the city with a stroller.

On May 24th, I gave birth to my second son. He arrived early, like my first son, and since his arrival I have been adjusting to life as a mom of two kids. My sons are 6 years apart, and while this is a bit bigger of a gap than we had initially hoped for (welcome to the world of things not actually entirely being in my control…), it has thus far been (mostly) exhausting overwhelming full of self doubt fabulous. Barring the fact that I have no idea how women with two children close in age manage to do anything at all, I’ve been thrown right back into the world of babies. What was I thinking, dear lord, my husband and I could go on dates again! OVERNIGHT DATES!! My point is here is that after 5+ years with no diapers, no stroller, etc., I am back in the thick of it.

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