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Lara Zukowsky

When change can bring you down

When you’re faced with change, do you embrace it? Or run from it?  Two options that are vastly different from one another. But it doesn’t end there. If you accept it, the journey has only begun. Decline, and well, maybe you’ll live on facing a lot of what ifs? Or perhaps maybe not.

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Surviving the first Birthday Party

I want to talk about birthdays. Particularly in the world of a (new) mom, I want to talk about the big one, the first birthday.  In the fall, I found myself debating strongly whether or not I wanted to do something big or small or anything at all for my son’s first birthday celebration. The idea of him turning one made me feel anxious enough.  Fellow mom friends would ask the same question, “what are you doing for Milo’s first birthday?” I usually would shrug, make a sarcastic remark, or explain that I had been struggling with the idea. Late night pinterest lurking would make my brain hurt. There are so many ideas, themes, the cakes, oh the cakes! I found I had to focus on what I wanted to look back on, what I could have my son look back on one day, and see how his birthday was celebrated.  In my first year of motherhood I met some incredible women, gained friendships, and rekindled older ones, all based on being a new mom.  I wanted to share this celebration with the people we cared about. To do that living in this city, particularly in an apartment with limited square footage, I realized that we would indeed need to rent a space to host a party for all our friends and their little ones.

After our experience with hosting a party in a rented facility, as well as experiencing our first birthday party as parents, I devised ten tips that I know would have made my life as a temporary party planner a little easier.

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Explore | Sasamat Lake

IMG_9716As far as I know, the average person tries very hard to prepare for the unknown. When I found out I was pregnant, my head began to spin with the idea of how we would have to plan for what was to come eight months from that very moment. As time went on and my belly grew, so did the lists of things we needed to do. Everything I did up until the day my son was born was plan and prepare.  Eventually that day arrived, and we went on to experience everything that typically  accompanies the first year of a baby’s life.  Just as we finally figure out our footing, our groove as I like to say, I notice there is a date looming around the corner waiting for me. It’s the one when my comfy security blanket I like to call maternity leave, comes to an end.  Something else to prepare for now. Working and being a parent.  Another unknown.  As the “first day back” approached, lists were back in my life, mental notes while lying in bed returned with a vengeance.  How do I set up child care? part-time or full-time? How will I ever get everything organized? My head again, spinning. I needed a break from the pressure of upcoming work, and being trapped indoors from the rain.  So we did what we do best, and made our way out of the city to explore the wilderness.

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Babies and Mountains are never easy

A sleeping baby makes everything in life feel lighter.  Thoughts seem organized, the laundry does not (usually) pile up as much, and there are more smiles, laughter and fun. Thoughts of loving motherhood come to mind, plans get made for the week with excitement, everything just flows.  The opposite side of the spectrum is what we have been experiencing as of late. My thoughts are in disarray, I can’t remember the last time I folded an article of clothing, and instead of laughter there is whining and a whole lot of tears.

my child




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Celebrate | Sweet Charlie

I have found that since I have become a mother, opportunities seem to keep popping up around me. I shall take this one example and share it with all of you.  I had recently received an invitation to a wonderful party for a new baby boutique opening up in Kitsilano. Having a nine and a half month old baby, you can imagine I have seen pretty much everything Vancouver has to offer in regards to baby stores. Who am I kidding though, of course I wanted to see this one.  The day of the party had arrived, so I left my cranky teething baby with his dad, and set off to experience the store that is Sweet Charlie.

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Love Thy Neighbour(hood)

When I told my friends nearly three years ago that Dustin and I would be moving to the neighbourhood of South Hill, the response was the same from every one.


That one word reaction followed with a confused look made me laugh, and I’m not going to lie, a little defensive. Dustin and myself had been growing tired of our endless search for a home that would suit our wants and needs, and in an area that was always highly sought after.  So we branched out a little, and found what we were looking for thirty blocks south.

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