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All my previous posts for Peaks and Harbours have been about life side of work-life balance. I was reflecting on this, and think I tend to talk more about my kids than my work partly because it’s a more relatable thing to talk about. But also, parts of my work are super boring, and it’s hard to spice up the hours I spend trying to remove all superfluous adverbs from my writing, or reading lengthy statutes.

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Getting bored

I always get introspective before writing a blog post for Peaks and Harbours, it’s not all that easy to come up with something clever and succinct. Anyways, this nagging question about self-identity kept arising in my mind, and I thought hey, maybe I should write about this. But… thinking about it made me feel overwhelmed, and I actually put off writing this post a few days longer than I’d planned. Continue Reading

Flying solo (for three days)

I was going to write a blog post about travelling with kids, and I probably still will, but I recently took a solo trip to New York City and remembered that it’s actually a lot more fun to travel without kids. Being a working mama, I get very little time to myself. Technically, it was a work trip, I went to help out with a trade show for Devon’s Drawer (the children’s clothing line I run with my mom and sister). But it was also a good excuse to get away for a couple days (I was gone for three nights and four days). 

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The time for feminism (is now)

Friends, misogyny has got me down (that, and the stomach flu). The political events of the last couple weeks have made me realize that there is still so. much. work. for us feminists. And I feel sad. And mad.

I don’t want to rehash the events of the recent U.S. election, there is much pithy analysis on this topic and I don’t have much to add. What I’ve really been thinking though is about is my own experience of misogyny, and my friends’ experiences.

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The busy life

These past few weeks have been hard, and I thought that it wasn’t the best time for me to write another post for Peaks and Harbours about work/life balance. Mostly my balance has been work, full stop. My husband was out of town for a trial (for a week), I had a court hearing, we did a pop up shop for my kid’s clothing line Devon’s Drawer, and my son had his birthday party. Then our poor nanny had to go off work because of an injury (we miss you Skye!), so it’s been a scramble to cover child care. In between all of the work and chaos, I’ve had less time than usual for the life half of that elusive work/life balance.


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