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Taraneh Erfan King


Now that we are good friends
Now that we have been
To the edge of life and death and back together
I want you to know
I am sorry I ever called you names
That I didn’t appreciate your beauty
That instead of calling you a miracle
I called you weak
I was wrong
You are the gift I get to keep my whole life
And I would not trade you for anything

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You can fail and fall
You can get it all wrong
You can realize you need to change course
After years down a winding path
You can cry and cringe
You can grieve
But darling,
For the love of all that is holy
(including you)
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The gold of the trees shimmer
Against the pale blue sky
There comes the sound of your laughter
Pushing me over the edge
Cozy in your embrace against the sharp wind
Autumn changes, and chants
From birds flying south
I feel love overtake my heart
Gifts of gold
In between the trees

Why fear the cold and the rain
When I have you to love?
Why look to the spring
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You have always been a child of wonder
Speaking to the waves and kissing flowers
Writing on napkins, the stories of your heart
Singing lyrics into the wind and the wayward sun

You tried your hand at this and that
And still within you the yearning stirred
And the words flowed down and out
As if there was no recourse

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