Camosun Bog & the Nobles.

Hey remember when we were all going to pack artisan lunches for our children last week, get to school early, and go to work in perfectly curated fall outfits? Yeah, that was a nice dream. Last week was more of a “WHY DIDN’T I MAKE LUNCHES LAST NIGHT!?” and “DID I PUT DEODORANT ON TODAY!?” and “WHERE IS MY OTHER SHOE!?”

So it didn’t work out exactly as planned, but we made it through the first week of school, and everyone is still alive. Success in my books.

Yesterday afternoon, still a bit harried, still a bit under the weather, and still shuffling things around from our move, Cyrus announced we were to drop everything immediately and head out the door to his old neighbourhood – Dunbar. We happily obliged, and got into my zippy car to drive until Kind Edward ended – right beside the beautiful and enormous Chaldecott Park. We pulled in at the edge of the Endowment Lands, right where the secretive Camosun Bog path started.


The trail head starts with a small path onto a beautifully constructed wooden bridge way that hovers above the bog and all the protected plants nestled inside it. As the kids ran ahead taking pictures with an old camera we had lent them for the adventure, Cyrus told me about how he and his friends had ducked into the Bog paths as kids – they called their ‘gang’ The Nobles – as they grew older their forts turned into spots to sneak sips of beer, and…well I’ll leave the rest of that tale for when you want to take Cyrus out for a beer or two.


There are several paths you can take through different areas of the woods, we chose to hop off the wooden walk way and onto the soft, pine-needle covered trail to explore the ginormous stumps and trees that towered above us. By the way, that tree was way too slippery to hold on to – don’t even try climbing one unless you want a bruised a*#.


The path took us out onto the lovely playground of Queen Elizabeth Annex, and when we found a couple of basketball hanging out on the court, we all decided to shake off our hot layers and play a game in the sun.


Sometimes those impromptu getaways are the best ones – we drove 10 minutes, didn’t spend a dime, and we are were completed refreshed afterwards.

Onward and upward friends.

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