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Weekend Winter Camping

Det finns inget dåligt väder bara dåliga kläder.

There is no bad weather, only bad clothing. – Viking saying

There’s been a bit of a clamour lately, of people asking me to post about the best winter camping tips; so, here I am to tell you I’m making it happen here on the blog. Since there are so many things to talk about, I’ve decided to break it up into weekly themes, so that every Thursday you’ll have a new article on  my winter camping tip for that week. Expect themes like: SLEEP, WHY BACON IS GOOD, TECHNIQUES OF TARPING, and WHEN THE BEARS COME. I mean, roughly.

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Feeling flaccid – a surf story

My 35th birthday has been lurking around the corner (November), so of course I’ve launched into a self-indulgent-early-mid-life-crisis about why I haven’t accomplished all the things I thought I would have at 35. While I am well aware of the dangers of applying someone else’s ‘rules-for-a-successful-life’ onto your own, these annoyingly negative and despairing thoughts were still somehow leaking into my normally confident interior. I decided the best way to clear my head and step out of the lately-exhausting daily grind was to eek out another surf trip before the weather got frightful, and life’s events swept the days away.

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Gettin’ ground by the Grouse Grind: a field trip

It seemed harmless enough. The email reply I sent a couple of weeks ago, when Finn’s class needed volunteers to hike the Grouse Grind, said cheerfully: “For sure! We love the outdoors!” I mentally patted myself on the back – nothing motivates spontaneous field trip volunteering like the guilt that a working mom shoulders.

Fast forward to last Wednesday night, and I looked at the email reminder “Grouse Grind tomorrow! Probably going to rain! Be prepared to get wet!.” Panic quickly set in.

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Camosun Bog & the Nobles.

Hey remember when we were all going to pack artisan lunches for our children last week, get to school early, and go to work in perfectly curated fall outfits? Yeah, that was a nice dream. Last week was more of a “WHY DIDN’T I MAKE LUNCHES LAST NIGHT!?” and “DID I PUT DEODORANT ON TODAY!?” and “WHERE IS MY OTHER SHOE!?”

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Free adventures with your kids this weekend

There’s a buzz amongst the parental folk right now that we’re supposed to be thinking about back-to-school lunches and back-to-school outfits for our kids. Well I’m not ready to start doing that, and want to get in as many summer adventures with the kids as I can before September rolls around. Only thing is, my wallet is tired of spending money, and I have a feeling that yours is too. So I had a little chat with friends and here are our top five free adventures in and around Vancouver, to take your family on.

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Island Life: Tofino Edition

No I didn’t get carried away on an epic gnarly wave last week, but yes, I have been quiet on the blog front during my vacay. I think we can all agree that a vacation with kids doesn’t leave you with a ton of time for other things, but it can give you another valuable perspective on how to live life and what’s important to you when you’re away from that daily routine. Bree found that on her latest getaway to Hornby Island, and I think I experienced a similar epiphany or two during my island time. More on that later though. Let’s get down to surfing with kids.

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