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Shifting Culture: Meet Lori Boland

I am so eager to introduce to you all Lori Boland, who is the Project Lead of Culture Shift at YWCA Metro Vancouver. Lori and the YWCA team have been doing incredible work spearheading this project, which “aims to shift attitudes and practices that perpetuate the sexualization of women and girls and corresponding hypermasculinization of men and boys.” As I typed up our interview with Lori, I found myself devouring her answers just as vociferously as when I first read them – truly an inspiring woman, working hard and keeping life balanced & light amidst heavy issues.

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Flying solo (for three days)

I was going to write a blog post about travelling with kids, and I probably still will, but I recently took a solo trip to New York City and remembered that it’s actually a lot more fun to travel without kids. Being a working mama, I get very little time to myself. Technically, it was a work trip, I went to help out with a trade show for Devon’s Drawer (the children’s clothing line I run with my mom and sister). But it was also a good excuse to get away for a couple days (I was gone for three nights and four days). 

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Meet Vanessa Norris!

Hi everyone! Kyla here…I’m happy to welcome a new contributor to the Peaks & Harbours team, my dear friend Vanessa Norris. Vanessa is an amazing mom to two girls, a kick-ass high school Science teacher and passionate environmentalist. So without further ado, please welcome Vanessa!


What does it mean to spend a year at home with a baby and toddler?

I have finally accepted that I am clinging on to the last few threads of my second maternity leave with white knuckles and a raw heart.

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Diana Vreeland had it right: the value of history.

About four years ago, I sat in the boiling shade in Madhya Pradesh, India after furiously taking pictures of the Khajuraho temple sculptures before the sun got too high. I sat panting, watching the tourists mill around, fanning their sweating bodies. The locals went about their every day ritual of setting out lunch in the temple shade, seemingly unfazed by the scorching air. I came home from that trip earlier than planned; but, as we fast forward to 2016, I find myself deeply missing my research and writing on material and art history.

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