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Don’t Give Things, Give Experiences

I’m usually someone who starts Christmas prep in mid-December but I was recently asked about gift options that don’t add clutter and unwanted things to other’s spaces.  Considering that I have to be very particular and specific about what comes into our small space it seems only fair that I should carefully consider what we give to others. So here I am in mid-November thinking about alternative gifts for Christmas.

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SWAP that.

The other day I had a look around at everything we have in the house. I started to realize that someone could easily come in with a TV crew and put me on one of those hoarding shows… Maybe a slight exaggeration, but I’m the type of person who can’t work until my space is clean, and also someone who works from home. You can probably see where I’m going with this… Continue Reading

Mini Crib to Crib

When living in a small space a good rule of thumb is to buy smaller things so your space appears larger than it is.  We used this rule when choosing a mini crib for our newborn.  Straight from the hospital we put our tiny baby boy in his Babyletto Alma Crib (similar here) and there he slept peacefully (most nights except for… teething, sickness, time changes, full moons etc.) until the tip of his head and the tips of his toes were almost touching the edges.  I loved the small footprint of the mini crib and how much extra playspace it provided in his room.  With only 600 square feet of space to share between 3 people, space is precious and having more room to spread out his toys and play was the top priority. Also, he never complained or seemed uncomfortable . Finally, At 2 years, one month and one week old, and 33″ long we retired the mini crib.

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I’ve been documenting on instagram some of the things we sell, donate or recycle to stay in our small space with the hashtag #fewerthings.  We are constantly editing things in our space and it is not always easy.  It’s crazy the emotional attachment we can have to THINGS.  Often for me it’s not the meaning that the object holds for me right now but the memory of what it once meant.  Like I remember how much I wanted that sweater, how much it cost and all the times I wore it (or didn’t wear it enough) and don’t get me started on baby clothes!

But I am hopeful that if I photo document these items and share why they are leaving our small space others might feel inclined to edit as well.  In addition I will have a photo diary of the items that left. Living small is partially one big decision to live with less but mostly it is tiny decisions we make everyday to make it so.

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Slow Down

This fall has been so beautiful in Vancouver. We’ve almost forgotten what rain feels like. So we’ve been taking advantage of the mild evenings and have been getting outside a lot. After dinner we head to the nearest park or sometimes we just walk or “run bike” the neighbourhood. It’s unplanned, we just go. Lately Theo has taken to bringing his harmonica along and serenading the streets. It’s completely wonderful and hilarious all at once. Continue Reading

Celebrate | Sweet Charlie

I have found that since I have become a mother, opportunities seem to keep popping up around me. I shall take this one example and share it with all of you.  I had recently received an invitation to a wonderful party for a new baby boutique opening up in Kitsilano. Having a nine and a half month old baby, you can imagine I have seen pretty much everything Vancouver has to offer in regards to baby stores. Who am I kidding though, of course I wanted to see this one.  The day of the party had arrived, so I left my cranky teething baby with his dad, and set off to experience the store that is Sweet Charlie.

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Our top picks for IDS West.

Bree and I are excited to be back at IDS West again this year, a show that keeps growing each year to feature the latest in design forward products and services for both the laypeople and those in the industry. Before we bring you all the hot opening night party pics tonight, we wanted to share with you four of our top choices for exhibitors to visit during the show, September 24 – 27th, 2015.

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