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People of Vancouver

People of Vancouver | Tyler and Claire

vancouver family portraits - dilly dally - kids stores vancouver images by bethany vancouver family portrait photographer

Tyler and Claire are rad humans. They opened two of my favourite businesses in Vancouver and I’m super excited to introduce you to them today. Also, this is not a paid advertisement… but from the bottom of my Vancouver-loving, small-business supporting heart… SHOP AT DILLY DALLY!! They have such a fantastic selection of toys and gifts, and now’s the perfect time to stop by to fill the stockings. If you do decide to purchase gifts this year, consider shopping locally 🙂 Continue Reading

People of Vancouver – Jolynn Vandam

people of vancouver - saige and skye family portraits by images by bethany vancouver based family portrait photographer gastown studio

I was introduced to Jolynn of Saige and Skye by the lovely and fellow Peaks and Harbour writer, Lara. I was very excited to meet Jolynn and photograph her adorable family at my Gastown studio for this article. She’s a beautiful mama, Vancouver lover, and maker of stunning, one-of-a-kind, hand woven, wall hangings. Here’s what Jolynn had to say about living in Vancouver and what community means to her.  Continue Reading

Lyndsay Sung of Coco Cake Land

A while ago Bree and I were scouring the interweb and our beautiful friends, for info on women in Vancouver who were doing amazing things with their careers, making connections in the community, all with a family to support. Bree had just been asked to participate in an Instagram 12 Days of Christmas with other local creatives, and as we huddled over our phones insta-stalking the other participants we came across Lyndsay Sung of Coco Cake Land.

Our eyes widened in the cellular glow at the incredibly beautiful pictures on her site, and we were immediately drawn to the thoughtful way Lyndsay wrote about her love of food, her closeness with her family, and her adoration of her young son Teddy. As we continued to follow along, we were also captivated by her honest and open experiences with her wave of treatments after her breast cancer diagnosis earlier this year.

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People of Vancouver – Kristen, Nate, and Zane

people of vancouver - vancouver family portraits images by bethany false creek olympic village portraits

I met this beautiful family through a mutual friend and have gotten to know them through parties and most recently through taking their maternity and family portraits. I love that my job enables me to meet and hang out with so many rad humans. We pick a location for their portrait session and wander around chatting, posing, laughing, and usually the conversations leads to living in Vancouver. I love hear what people like to do and where they spend their time.  Here’s what Kristen wrote about why they love Vancouver.

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People of Vancouver – Annabelle Choi

people of vancouver annabelle choi images by bethany vancouver family portrait photographer

I met this beautiful woman on a retreat in Palm Springs. Hanging out at the Ace Hotel and Swim Club we chatted food, Vancouver, and our passion for community. I knew I would want to feature Annabelle Choi for my “People of Vancouver” series and I was stoked to hang out in the rain with her, sipping warm bevvies, and catching up about the summer. Here’s what she has to say about living in Vancouver.

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People of Vancouver – Nancy Perrier

I met Nancy through my daughters school. I kinda love that about having a kid. The number of rad humans I’ve met through mom groups, sports, and school is unreal. Nancy’s family is adorable, as you can see from the portraits I took of them at Crab Park. Here are her answers about living in Vancouver.

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