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Cauliflower and Goat’s Cheese Frittata with Chive Gremolata

Frittata is probably one of the easiest dishes to whip up and serve with bread any day of the week. This version is filled with a whole cauliflower (cut into pieces) and chunks of goat cheese to maximize the versatility of the dish and frees up time since no vegetable sides need to be made to round out the meal. It’s cooked in the same pan making dishes smooth sailing. I should not forget to mention how delicious the combo of eggs, cauliflower and goat’s cheese is, then I’ve got it topped with a bright herb gremolata of chives and lemon.

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Vanilla Rhubarb Bundt Cake

Quick! Before rhubarb is done for the season (I’m assuming you don’t hoard it in your freezer like I do), here’s a dreamy Vanilla and Rhubarb Bundt Cake. This has been one of my more popular Spring recipes and it was so pretty that I wanted to share it with all the amazing readers over here. It’s quick to prep and made with one bowl (hurrah for lack of dishes!) and the result is stunning.

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Hey Grill Friend

It’s May Long Weekend which officially kicks off all things Summer! I’m crossing my fingers we get sunshine instead of the usual rainy May weather we typically see over May Long here in Vancouver. What better to kickoff grilling season than with a Classic Burger? This burger is moist and hits all the right notes for grilling season, primarily in that it has minimal ingredients and takes less than 10 minutes to cook. Thumbs up all around.

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DIY Colour War



Summer is just around the corner, so we decided to have a little extra fun with our friends at the end of the year by colour bombing each other. This is such a fun way to get out and have a mess of the prettiest kind. It’s safe, Continue Reading

Greek Couscous Bowl with Crispy Chickpeas

It was way too warm too cook this week and so this recipe came about to get me out of the kitchen as quickly as possible. I cooked the couscous in the morning so it was ready for supper time later that day (very occasionally do my kids run off and play nicely post-breakfast giving me 10-15 minutes to get something done). I crisped up some chickpeas and chopped some vegetables before calling it a day in the kitchen.

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