Chocolate chips and chardonnay

Phew, what a day! No telling what has been the culprit but lets just say I’m glad the day is over, and I’m even more glad for wine and chocolate chips. I’m guessing that this wave of ‘je ne sais quoi” might have a little something to do with having stepped outside of my comfort zone this week.

And by that I am talking about having finally had the guts to launch my little Instagram general goods shop.  A quaint pop up shop curated by me, selling vintage and modern adult and kids clothing, as well as some household goods. Although this has been on my radar for a while I still have so much to learn about running a wee side business, both on the professional front and the time management side of things, being that I child mind monday and tuesdays and I am a full-time mama/single parent when my partner is way at work. I think I am just feeling a little bit venerable (and empowered all at once). On that note, if you have read this far do come have a look and peruse the 640px in width X 640px photo isles on ye ol’ Instagram app. The shop name is

Happy friday and to an even happier weekend. xx Norah

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