Cooling off in Lynn Canyon

On Sunday, the air was thick with heat and the sun was so strong that your skin was pink within minutes of exposure. We decided we needed a (cheap) getaway to somewhere cool, and after much “hmmmmm-ing”, we chose to take a quick drive over to Lynn Canyon with our good friends Katie & Arlo.

We timed it brilliantly (accidentally) and headed over before noon, miraculously finding a parking spot, and quickly shuffling over the Suspension Bridge (dodging many a selfie stick) until we found our way to the cool river below.


If you go directly beneath the Suspension Bridge, there are some incredible natural water slides that the rushing water has smoothed out in the rocks below. Personally, I would love to go back and try those out, but judging from the speed I saw the grownups getting on those things, it didn’t look like a kid-friendly experience. So, Katie and I decided to stay where the people were still sparse further down. We all clambered over the boulders and rocks until we were under the delicious shade of the trees’ canopy.


The kids immediately got into the water, giggling and squealing as they splashed each other, while Katie and I sat on flat rocks with our legs submerged in the cool waters. The shade, the sound of the running water, and the fact that the kids were completely entertained on their own = Total bliss for us mamas.

We spotted many little salmon fry trying to swim upstream, and the kids invented a stick racing game as they played amongst the soft currents. We stayed there for a calm couple of hours. Then it was suddenly as if the floodgates had opened and people came pouring out onto the rocks. We decided it was time to go, as we were perfectly cooled off by then, and it was getting a little crowded.

We were surprised when we got to the Suspension Bridge – there was an enormous lineup! Proving that we did geniusly (accidentally) time our visit right. Pro tip! Go before lunchtime or in the morning and you’ll avoid the crowds.

When we finally squished our way through, we decided our free little adventure deserved a major ice cream treat. So we zipped over to the famous La Casa Gelato, which boasts flavours like Mint Oreo but also Vodka Cucumber, and got ourselves some well-deserved cones.


For a Sunday that started with no plans at all, I think this one turned into a proper adventure with minimal effort and funds. Success!

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