Essential Easy Thanksgiving Recipes

Hey guys! How did the start of the school year go? It was crazy over here. It was the first time my twins started any form of “care” outside of our home in the form of preschool. It’s awesome now that they’re settled but man, did it take a toll on me. And, I’m so not ready to write this (because I can’t even buy cranberries as I write this, but that’s another rant for another day) but the next time I’m seeing you fine folks again it will be Thanksgiving weekend. No joke. Here are 3 essential (Turkey, Brussels Sprouts, and Stuffing) easy recipes to get you through this very early holiday. Or hey, maybe you’re school year started like mine and you need this long weekend like no other.

Sausage and Current Stuffing | My Kitchen Love

This recipes are not all new here. The turkey is from last year, but it’s so brilliant I wanted to highlight it again. The meat ends up being so tender, juicy and is similar to pulled pork (hello left over BBQ pulled turkey tacos anyone?). Find the recipe for these Braised Turkey Legs with Carrots here.

Sausage and Current Stuffing | My Kitchen Love

This stuffing is crazy! I know. Who makes stuffing in a loaf pan? Well, British people do and since I’m a card carrying UK citizen I do. And you should too. It’s a great hands off way to make truly yummy stuffing (you barely have to stir anything!). It can also be made 1-2 days ahead of time! Find the recipe for this Sausage and Currant Stuffing here.

Sausage and Current Stuffing | My Kitchen Love

Brussels Sprouts. This is the hardest sell in my house. My husband will eat one (1!!!!!!!) to be polite. I almost throw the rest at him (kidding, mostly) and then I run into another room hoarding them all for myself. I am one of those weirdos that loves brussels sprouts. More than any apple will, these guys will keep the doctor away as they’re  packed with so much Vitamin C it’s crazy. They’re rounded out with a bit of iron and some B Vitamins and I’ve learned if you call them “lettuce” the kids will eat them regardless of what their father might be doing. And I’ve got them here with apples and au gratin. That’s right, cheese and breadcrumbs! Hurrah! Find the recipe for these Brussels Sprouts with Apples Au Gratin here.

Sausage and Current Stuffing | My Kitchen Love

More than anything, happy holidays to you and yours. I’m giving thanks for my family (of course), but also to all of you who take the time to read my posts – thank you.

Enjoy! xo


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