Evening Beach Picnic.

You might notice a theme here on Peaks & Harbours, that Bree and I like our evening getaways to the water in and around Vancouver. When you’re still doing the 9-5 grind during these warm months, an evening beach picnic is a great way to make a work day still feel like summer.

When I arrived home yesterday, Cyrus and I had zero motivation to make dinner, so we packed up our picnic blankets and drove 15 minutes to Spanish Banks, where you can get delicious fish n chips, sweet potato fries, and hot dogs for the kiddos. I promised myself that next time I’d make a healthier dinner to bring along, but that night it was all about taking it easy.


There was plenty of parking right at the beach, since most people had left to head home for dinner or cool off after a hot day in the sun. It was just the evening picnickers and the players of various beach ball games left behind, which made for a nice chill scene. The kids immediately tore down to the water, and lamented that we hadn’t thought to bring their swimmers as they watched a group of kids and adult up to their necks in the waves. Next time!


The food stand yelled out our order and we were munching on our grub in no time. Then all we had to do was lay back and watch the kids play, while Cyrus and I decompressed. It was bliss.


Even after a full day of summer camp, the kids had energy to burn off. So we let them shriek with delight – something they can’t do in our small apartment – and run around acting out an elaborate treasure-hunting game. It was really sweet to see them play so cheerfully together. As Finn gets older and more “big girl” she sometimes isn’t always stoked to hang out with her little brother Gus. Of course, he was obviously so excited his big sis was on board with this game, and they both played happily until the dipping sun told us it was time to go home.


After showers, dried hair, snacks and all the other bedtime demands, their room was quickly quiet. I peeked in to see if they were sneakily reading under the covers but found that they were already fast asleep. With the kids wonderfully worn out from our evening adventure, Cyrus and I actually had some time to snuggle on the couch with a funny movie. Best Tuesday night ever.


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