Experience Vancouver – The Fluffy Edition

vancouver cherry blossom festival - vancouver portrait photographer

I started this “Experience Vancouver” feature because I was tired (read discouraged) from all of the negative blog posts and news articles that had been circulating around the inter-webs, regarding the decline of culture in Vancouver, the un-affordability, the “it’s you Vancouver, not me!” My discouragement definitely wasn’t coming from just the articles and posts; it was coming from personal circumstances as well.

I’m stuck here…We are a double income family. He’s a firefighter, I’m a photographer. In any other city in Canada, we’d own a home, have two cars, and we’d go to Maui for spring break and spend Christmas in Whistler. But in Vancouver, we rent a tiny apartment, own one vehicle, and a big vacation for us is heading over to the Island and staying with friends. Our rent is obviously not going down, our salaries aren’t growing at the same speed as housing prices, and we don’t have trust funds… purchasing a house in our future in Vancouver, is looking bleaker by the second.

We can’t just pick up and leave. Moving is huge. It’s expensive. It’s life altering. I can call myself a pro at moving. I’ve lived in over 33 homes… I’m not even 33 years old… I’ve lived on two continents, 3 countries, countless cities and towns and villages. But I don’t want that for my daughter. I want her to grow up somewhere she can call home. I want her to have a stable childhood, and then travel from here. Plus my husband has a very location-specific job… and I kinda like him, so I’m not leaving him. 😉

So we’re stuck and I’m going to put out some positive Vancouver fluff.


Trust me, I do my fair share of ranting and raving about the F*C%ING housing crisis, the provincial government, and well… ask my friends who I drank wine with last Friday night, I can give you an ear full about it all and then some. But I also know the value in putting out positivity. I know the value of looking at the bright side. And we got some sunshine so I’m feeling fluffy.

It’s spring! Vancouver has some of the most STUNNING cherry blossom tree’s I’ve ever seen. Here’s where you can go find them, and remember all the good things that you love about Vancouver. Because we can’t all “break up” with this city we call Home.

Cherry Blossom Map

Scour that map, pick your spots, grab a growler and a friend, hop on your G.D. bike, and look at the fluffy white stuff… that isn’t snow. #sorrytoronto




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