Experience Vancouver – The Railtown Edition

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Today I’m going to take you into a neighbourhood that you may not have visited or spent too much time in, Railtown. Home to the Aritzia head office and the bustling Settlement Building which houses the Vancouver Urban Winery, Postmark Brewery, and Belgard Kitchen, Railtown is often referred to as the Brooklyn of Vancouver due in part to it’s large industrial buildings and artist live-work studios.

For your afternoon in Railtown, pack a blanket, beach toys, maybe a frisbee if that’s your thing, a growler, and any other picnic-y things you may need (plates, napkins, cups, you know the drill).

Hit up the Settlement Building first to fill your growler at Postmark Brewery. If you have time, sit to sample a few beers and maybe a little something from the Belgard Kitchen… but don’t spoil your appetite 😉

what to do in railtown vancouver

Once your growler is filled, walk north  across the street and grab a lunch to go at Railtown Cafe. Not only do they do amazing catering but food served up in the cafe is delicious.

what to do in railtown vancouver

Once you have your growler filled and some lunch-to-go, head west along Railway St until Gore connects you to Alexander. Follow that west for a block until Main St, walk north over the bridge and set up your picnic at Crab Park. Boosting stunning mountain and city views, this little oasis in the city offers a playground, a large grassy field, and a little, mostly rocky beach.

So there you have it. The Railtown Edition. Have you spent much time here? What did you love or hate about it? There’s also a JJBean if you’re in need of coffee and Ask for Luigi is a fantastic restaurant for a date brunch or dinner.

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