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When I sat down to prepare my editorial calendar for Peaks and Harbours and my own blog, I found I was lacking inspiration. Thinking about inspiration and where we draw ours from, helped me create the idea for this particular post. Where to find inspiration in Vancouver.

Lately, I’ve encountered and read countless articles on the decline of community and culture in Vancouver, so many posts about people fleeing this city, and stories of the daunting, embarrassing, mortifying, no-longer-funny housing crisis. I can’t help but read them all. I feel it. I waver between “WHAT THE EFF” and “I don’t want to own a home anyway… I choose Vancouver as my home.” I’m leaning on that side right now, enjoying the sunshine and jean jacket weather in February, biking to work, and so immensely feeling grateful for my support system of friends. I make a concerted effort to stay positive about a less than desirable situation in Vancouver right now.

That brings us back to inspiration. When you are feeling low, depleted, or lacking inspiration. Where do you go? What do you do? I love going outside, but it doesn’t have to be in nature. Sometimes I need the city surrounding me. Sometimes I just want the energy, lights, and sounds of other humans existing. Then there are the times when I only want fresh air and no humans around. Snowshoes strapped to my feet or rain jacket keeping me dry. Sometimes I need to just run, do hot yoga, or look at art, to be transported into someone else’s creativity.

My favourite Vancouver spots for recharging and gaining fresh inspiration:

Trout Lake. It’s close to my house, has a path around the lake for running or walking, two beaches, two playgrounds, mountain views, and lots and lots of ducks.

what to do in vancouver - 0003

Spanish Banks. I love looking west towards the ocean and islands and east towards my favourite city.

what to do in vancouver - 0001

33 Acres. I wasn’t sure if I was going to put a shop/ restaurant in here, I kinda only wanted free things, but I really do find this brewery inspiring. It’s minimalist decor is a treat for my eyes… and the beer is well… just a treat!

what to do in vancouver - 0004

Cypress Mountain. I love that when it does snow in the mountains, you can be transported to such a different world in under 30 minutes.

what to do in vancouver - 0006

Beer Island. The man-made island in the middle of the False Creek… it’s not really in the middle. And it’s not really an island. It is man-made however, to create more habitat for wildlife. And beer drinkers, I’m sure. I love hanging out in this little oasis just off of Olympiv Village and the seawall, because it boasts stunning views of the city.

what to do in vancouver - 0002

The Vancouver Art Gallery. Mostly the steps. I love sitting outside on the steps, watching the city go by, or drinking champagne on the Art Gallery Cafe patio, staring into the city of glass abyss! Or sometimes I just need to be inside, admiring the architecture, exploring the art, feeling the infusion of art and culture.

vancouver art gallery

What do you need to refresh your inspiration?! Where do you go?

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