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“How do I start? where do I begin? what should I say?”

Originally, I thought I would begin my first post with an introduction to who I am, what my hopes and dreams are, what my life is like as a new mom living in the city, but I felt bored thinking about it.  Instead I decided to clear my head and go for a much-needed walk in the woods.

Let me begin with last week.  Last week was a tough one.  I had one very sick teething baby on my hands, and no matter what I tried to do, he was miserable.  I felt utterly defeated at the end of every day that oh so slowly crept by.  I craved fresh air and the smell of cedar and fir.  So this week, with my baby finally feeling better, we took advantage of the break in the rain, and set off for Pacific Spirit Regional Park.

This park is beautiful and relatively easy to get to.  A friend of mine and her baby joined us, and we drove there taking the Marine Drive route. After getting onto 16th ave, we found parking on the side of the road, which is free and allows up to two hours of time to enjoy your walk. There are quite a few numbered trails to explore, and maps at entrances to help guide you in the direction of your choosing. The trails are easy to walk and perfect for baby-wearing. We decided on number 21, Salish. This route would take us through the park and down towards the water.

As soon as we stepped into the park we were surrounded by tall trees and everything went quiet. Simply peaceful.  There are some breaks in the trail where we had to cross some roads, but it wasn’t terribly busy and we crossed without any trouble.  One thing I particularly loved was the change in scenery as we walked. The species of trees would change, and the light coming through would hit certain spots, and make our surroundings feel cinematic.

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We chatted and laughed as our babes nodded off in their carriers from the rhythmic motions of each step we took. I felt refreshed and light despite of the twenty pound infant attached to me.  Soon enough the trail began to dip downhill and I could see a break in the trees. After crossing one last road, we made our way to a clearing and took the steps down to the rocky ocean shore. The view was spectacular, as always with most views in and around Vancouver, but this one felt like a hidden gem.  Being that it is not a sandy beach, we did have to be a little careful navigating our way around, but no spills happened, all was well.

After spending some time breathing in the salty sea air, us mammas and our babes headed back the way we came.  The uphill slope on the way back can be a little daunting, but it’s not long.  I suggest to bring some water to help you get through that last little push, because I of course forgot to bring some.  When I venture back to this park, I will definitely walk some of the other trails, or take an alternative route back from the shore.  My son enjoyed every second of the hike.  Looking up at the tall trees, he would talk (baby talk) to the shadows and light bouncing off the leaves. When we were at the water, I watched him inhale the wind with his mouth wide open, and smile immediately after.  I love being able to wander our city and explore its many beautiful wooded locations, and rocky shores.  Most of all, I love sharing these experiences with my son, photo documenting them all to create life long memories for him to look back on when he is older.  I hope he will grow to love and appreciate the outdoors like I do, and desire to fill his life with adventures, even if they are in his own backyard.

When we returned home, I could not believe the change in my mood, the spring I had in my step. I pranced, yes pranced, around our home with a smile. I actually looked forward to cooking dinner, I know, I shocked even myself.  Overall, it was a great day spent roaming the woods with my little guy and our friends.  I could not have asked for more, at least for now.

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