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Finn and I went on an epic surfing trip last weekend in Tofino. My eight-year-old-soon-to-be-nine-year-old was completely unfazed by the horizontal rain and white frothy storm waves that welcomed us on that first day of Spring. She seemed to have adopted the same attitude as the locals when I asked them if it was alright to surf on such a hairy day: “The only thing you CAN do is surf on a day like this.” Finn was delighted. She skipped alongside our tall, calm Swedish instructor Pontus from Pacific Surf Co., and could barely contain herself from hopping on the board before we had gone through our warm up. The morning was spent cheering her on as she rode wave after wave with a huge grin plastered across her face. My own urge to get deeper in the ocean stifled to see my little sweetheart fall in love with surfing as I had the summer before.

Finn now has a list of must-haves for our next surf trip – which she’s informed me must pretty much happen immediately. Keep in mind, this is if you’re driving into Tofino from out of town beforehand – I would add to this list that you should really find a place to stay close to where you’re surfing, especially if you’re going in the colder months. That after-surf hot shower will make your day.

Here’s Finn’s list:

1. Have a really good breakfast, so you’re stronger than the waves.

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2. Bring lots of stuff to read for the ride – like Archie comics or Harry Potter or something.

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3. Take breaks during the car ride, and have more snacks.

4. Bring a really warm robe and lots of towels, because when you change into your suit and especially out of it, it’s so cold you don’t even know how you’re going to go on.

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5. Hot showers are the best afterwards.

6. Eat a really delicious lunch.

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7. Do it again tomorrow!


I 100% endorse all of these tips Finn. Let’s get started on our next trip girl!


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