Hello? Are you still out there?

It’s been a while! How are you? How has your summer been so far? We’ve been a little quiet on this end for the last month – it’s amazing how every year we forget how insane summers can been when you have kids, and work, and are just trying to live your best life. It’s a master juggling act every single day. But we are still here! and we’re glad you are too.

Here’s a little peek into what we’ve been up to over the last month – disclaimer: this is a carefully edited glimpse that only projects the most serene and sublime moments, and does not depict the endless food prep, childcare runs, battling siblings, and restorative wine sighs.

Bree went on a magical trip to Osoyoos, an adventure that she’ll share in greater detail here later on; but for now we will leave you with adorable baby goats…

Her boys went on a memorable week-long camp to Evans Lake – another story I can’t wait to hear from Bree – I’m saving for my kids to go next year right now!

My time off has predictably been spent surfing in Tofino… I’ll definitely have a longer post about this blissful addiction, and basically how it’s changed my life/lifestyle.

And my kids have thankfully been bitten by the surf bug as well…

So basically, these pictures are telling you that our respective summers have been nothing but happy children, relaxing vacations, and gilded memories. Let’s just leave it at that…for now.


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