Hidden Gem: Blake & Riley

A new boutique for hip children’s decor and fashionable kids has arrived in Kerrisdale! Blake & Riley, (so named for the owner’s sons), is full of the most precious and whimsical items for the home, and clothing I wish I could squeeze into it’s so cool.
Peaks & Harbours I know I sound like I am gushing, but that’s because I have visited the store a few times just to hang out, and I am made to feel quite at home swapping parenting stories and talking about Scandinavian decor.
Peaks & Harbours Wandering around the store is dangerous because it makes me want to have more babies. I think it’s because the items they carry weren’t around when my kids were young… The little Ferm Living kids tent and the all the little plush knit toys, and the tu-tu’s and-and-and. If you are a mom of two (or more) boys, be very careful stepping foot in Blake & Riley because your ovaries might start whispering softly about a sweet baby girl to you when you get back home…
Peaks & Harbours While Kerrisdale may seem like it’s out of the way, it’s actually really quick to get to, and there is always ample parking. We like to visit the arena across the street in the summer when it’s full of bouncy castles, and hadn’t thought of taking a stroll down 41st. This year it’s a must! If you can’t get out that way, they have a great online store as well.
Peaks & Harbours We are crossing our fingers that Blake & Riley’s mom might start offering Peaks some kids decor style tips this summer, so stay tuned for them! In the meantime, check out their Facebook and Instagram too.

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