Kids’ Hand-drawn Typography!

I had to share some of the beautifully hand drawn typography by my recent students – aged 7 – 10 – of last week’s Write + Illustrate camp at Collage Collage. These kids ripped through their stories, illustrated up a storm, and then…

I looked around the studio bewildered, because a calm had settled over the students. They had had their fair share of intensely quiet moments as they scribbled out their tales. They had also had their moments of giggling, wiggling, happy clamour. This was different. This was …


They were SO INTO IT. I am sure Erin wondered about the yellow glow spilling out of the studio door, because I was beaming hard. There’s nothing like getting kids excited about art, and seeing them blissful and confident in their own skills and creativity.

So here are some action moments of these talented kiddos’ work for you to sigh happily over.


Nika’s tear-filled “crying” to go with her spooky tale.



Sophia’s brilliant incorporation of pencils into her title, mirroring her characters.



Addy’s creative use of shadow to foreshadow the inside of her nautical tale.

This group was the bee’s knees. If your interested in perusing some grownup hand drawn typography artists, Bree and I often pour through this book from the bountiful back shelves of the shop.


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