Learning to Date Again, at Britannia Beach.

My couch has become my new second best friend (BFFs Bree!) since I came down with pneumonia last week. Yes. Pneumonia in summer. In between naps and Netflix, I’ve been going through all the extra pics on my phone and came across some from a date Cyrus and I went on a couple of weeks ago. The kids were on the island with my parents, and we had both come home from work but didn’t feel like sticking around the apartment. So we packed up some chicken drumsticks in tinfoil, a salad, and a picnic blanket and headed out to Britannia Beach for a dinner picnic in the golden hour.


Britannia Beach is about an hour’s drive from Vancouver, and there are a few spots you can pull over and park the car by the railroad tracks (please park far enough away from them!). We brought the truck to a stop at Cyrus’ favourite spot and before we climbed down the bleached driftwood embankment to the beach, he led me through the trees to a secret treehouse he’d been wanting to show me.


Those are two beers that Cyrus found chilling inside – I told him to leave them because it wasn’t worth the risk that it was actually two bottles of urine. ew. BUT that treehouse is perfect inside, you can climb up the intricately carved wooden ladder, and sit on a comfy bench that looks out to this:


Back at the beach, we laid out our food and watched a fisherman on the boulders down the way, and made an effort to chat about things other than the kids, bills, etc. Cyrus and I weren’t dating long before our first little one, Finn, came along, and so sometimes I feel like we’re still pretty fresh on the dating front. Couple that with our two and a half year separation a couple of years ago, and Cyrus and I are learning about dating, and us, all over again. It can be tough to find the time, in between all the other roles and responsibilities that we have, but we do try to make that time together because otherwise it will always get pushed to “next week” or “another time”.


The water is gorgeous here. Emerald. Sparkling. You can see the Britannia Mine across the water, the mountain view is clearly amazing, and there are the perfect skipping rocks all over the shore. Both of us are competitive so obviously we had to have a skipping contest. The saddest thing is that the next day I couldn’t figure out why my arm was so sore, meaning I need to start hitting up the gym a little more often.


You don’t need to have a splashy date every time, sometimes the best ones are the ones that don’t cost a thing at all. Some good food, a beautiful view, and uninterrupted conversation with your love is really all you need.

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