Little Mountain Advent Garland

It’s that time of year. I feel like I was just hiking through the forests in the summer sun, and now we are bundled up and waiting for the anticipation of Christmas.

I started celebrating Advent with my first son, and we have carried on that tradition. It has changed over time and has become much more polished. My first Advent countdown or rather a countdown to Christmas was a store bought box with little numbered windows that punch out and behind each one was a chocolate. I had never had one as a child, so it was a fun first experience for my son and myself. The next year we started squeezing in activities for each day and sometimes treats. I realized quickly that it was too busy to try to get out each day and fill it with forced experiences, and not really what I wanted my children to think of when this beautiful holiday rolls around. So instead of daily activities we simplified and did things that were special to us. We always visit the Festival Of Lights at VanDusen, bake dozens of cookies and invite friends over to decorate, but in place of us treating ourselves to activities, we started to hand out cough drops and blankets that we buy from the thrift stores to those in need.  Along with board games, Christmas movies, and learning Christmas songs, we also act out the Nativity by drawing characters names from a jar. Everyone always hopes to be Melchior , the wiseman that brings gold. This way we spend less time running around trying to fill the days with events and spend more time focusing on each other. No matter what you believe or don’t , there is something special in the air this time of year. There is always time to start your own traditions that make sense for your family.

Inspired by our love of nature, I made this little monochrome garland countdown super easy, no sewing required.

Supplies Needed:

Canvas Fabric ( you could use any type of white fabric, even thrifted bed sheets)

Fabric Marker (mine is by Sharpie)


hot glue


I have included a pattern of the mountains if you would like to use it, just click here.

Once you download the pdf, cut it out and use it to trace your mountains, I only used 12 as I plan to refill them on the 12th day. You can make as many as you like.

Start by cutting out each mountain, then you can start drawing on the mountain. I used 4 different patterns for mine. Once you are done designing your mountains, you can start gluing. Fold the mountain just under half way to create a pocket, then glue down both side leaving the top open.


Once you have the pocket set, you can fold over the tip top of the mountain over your string. It really is that easy.


Fill your pockets with whatever you like.


What I really like about this little garland is that it could be up all year.


From my family to yours, I wish you a Merry Christmas.

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