Meet Alison Mazurek – P&H’s newest Contributor!

We met Alison through that community-building little square on our phones called Instagram, and got to know a lovely local mama who has been thoughtfully living her life in Mount Pleasant with her husband and sweet toddler in a 600 square foot apartment. She has been blogging about her experiences of loving her city life and of living minimally on her wonderful blog, aptly named, 600sqftandababy. Bree and I fell in love with Alison even more when we got the chance to meet her in REAL LIFE, as this rad lady is hilarious and genuine, and basically someone you want to watch movies and drink cocktails with any day of the week. We are so excited to have her on board as our newest contributor to Peaks and Harbours as our resident Minimalist. So get ready for some ‘living simply’ on the blog and give Alison the warmest of welcomes as she introduces herself below! xo


When I first found out I was pregnant (over two years ago now, time flies!) my husband and I talked about how we could keep our Vancouver city life and have a baby.  While we had some amazing friends who were great parents and role models we didn’t have anyone we could look to who lived in a small space with kids.  We also had most people tell us we were crazy to think we could try to stay in our 600 square foot apartment with a baby.  So I took to the internets and hunted for anyone and everyone who had ever lived small with a kid or two or three.  Mostly I found people in New York who were making it work in small spaces without compromising on style.  With Vancouver real estate creeping towards NYC prices we decided to rethink our space and give up our bedroom to our baby and add a Wall Bed to our living room.
Our baby is now a very busy almost 2 year old and we are continually re-thinking and re-working our space to accommodate our growing little family. I have been sharing our ups and downs on my blog and that has led me to this wonderful Vancouver community where it turns out there are many others who live small and thoughtfully with kids.  As a normally private person I have surprised myself by sharing much of our life online but motherhood can be overwhelming and lonely at times and being open it has been quite freeing. Sharing our life in our small home has helped me stumble upon unexpected support and encouragement from otherwise strangers and I am forever grateful.
Thanks to Carina and Bree for being bright lights in this community and for inviting me to share my perspective on living small and thoughtfully with less (and a toddler!) on their beautiful site. I look forward to sharing more on here!

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