Minimalist Greenery (and a toddler)

Just because we live in a small space doesn’t mean that we can’t have the things we love in it.  I love plants of all kinds (though I can’t say I always give them the best chance, i’m constantly battling my black thumb).  I used to keep our plants along our low window ledge but as soon as our little one was old enough to pull himself up on that ledge I needed to find another spot.  Since then I have been keeping our plants out of harms way, near the window on the top of our Wall Bed.  I’ve also kept plants atop our kitchen cabinets and on shelves in our entrance.   Another safe zone for plants in our small space with a toddler is hanging planters which I have interspersed on a our art wall.


As our boy grows and becomes more aware of our home I have made a game out of watering our plants.  One of the plants (a small jade plant) is his and he named it (Peeps).  With careful supervision Theo waters Peeps and the other plants and has such a proud look on his face when he is done.

As we don’t have as many places for plants as a bigger space or a freestanding home with windows on all sides or in most rooms; I find really loving the plants we have helps.  Also with the limited plants that we do have, I am able to hunt for planters that I love and change the look of them regularly. In the end, in a small space with a toddler, keep your plants high, near natural light and remember to water them (with or without a pint-sized helper).


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