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people of vancouver we are local daniela and dean rad humans who live and love in vancouver

I met Daniela through her amazing childrens magazine Small Wonder. I had the privilege of collaborating with her and her family on a piece for the upcoming issue. Daniela is a beautiful woman, living intentionally in Vancouver. This series “People of Vancouver” will feature rad humans who make Vancouver a better place to live. I hope you enjoy it!! If there’s someone you’d like me to feature, feel free to email me with why they make Vancouver rad.



• How long have you lived in Vancouver?

I have lived in Vancouver (and its suburbs) for 38 years — almost my entire life!

• Which neighbourhood do you live in and why?

I live in Mount Pleasant and I love it. There is a strong sense of community in this neighbourhood. Be it at my son’s school yard, at our annual block parties or at the local coffee shop, there is a lot of warmth and support in this neck of the woods. I actually know all my neighbours!

When we opened our shop in the neighbourhood it was wonderful how many residents came in to introduce themselves and to welcome us to their block… it’s those small gestures that make for a strong community.

• Have you lived in any other neighbourhoods?

Before moving to Mount Pleasant I lived just off Commercial Drive for several years. There are many aspects of the Drive that I miss — the vibrancy, the diversity, the endless dining options — but, not the drumming… one can only take so much of those bongos 😉

• Do you have a favourite or would you prefer to be living in a different neighbourhood than what you currently are?

I am happy where I am.

• What do you do for work?
It makes me chuckle when I say this out loud because I always picture a well-coiffed woman in a blue 80’s power suit when I say it… I am a ‘business woman’… see, I can’t even type it without quotes.

Along with my husband, Dean, I run We Are Local — a printed guide to indie businesses in Vancouver and Victoria. We’ve been doing this for eleven years! More recently, I launched Small Wonder — a quarterly magazine for kids and their grown-ups. Issue number 3 just came out and it is all about fruit! And even more recently still, I opened an indie gift shop at 197 East 17th Avenue (just off Main St.) called The Pleasant.

• What do you do for play?

An early morning run around the False Creek seawall with a friend and/or my son is a great way to start the day. Solo time at a local cafe sipping an americano while tackling a crossword puzzle is awesome too. Seeing live music is also high on my list, especially at smaller more intimate venues.

we are local the pleasant shop living in vancouver small wonder magazine vancouver is awesome

• What’s your favourite place to hang out in Vancouver on a rainy day?

Musuems. I love them. Always have, always will — the smaller and more specific the theme the better. Lucky for me, my son has inherited this love. Our favourites are the Vancouver Police Museum and the Vancouver Maritime Museum, followed closely by the Museum of Anthropology and The Museum of Vancouver.

• How about on a sunny day?

I keep telling myself to keep this gem as much of a secret as possible, but I am constantly blabbing about it…. the patio at the Vancouver Art Gallery. Sipping champagne on this patio with a good friend is one of my favourite sunny-day things to do.

people of vancouver  we are local daniela and dean rad humans who live and love in vancouver

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