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I met Samantha through this beautiful Peaks and Harbours community. She has an amazing food blog, My Kitchen Love, and contributes delicious recipes to P&H, among so many other things. We spent a lovely afternoon last week chatting, sipping tea, playing with her kids, and walking in the rain. Here’s what Samantha had to say about living in Vancouver.

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   How long have you lived in Vancouver? Which neighbourhood do you live in and why? Have you lived in any other neighbours? 

 I’ve always lived in Metro Vancouver, I grew up in North Delta and then moved to Vancouver in my twenties.

 I have lived in Mount Pleasant, Yaletown and Coal Harbour. Each neighbourhood has it’s own unique characteristics that we enjoyed, but we’re over the moon to have found our “forever home” in North Vancouver.

 North Vancouver, Lynn Valley specifically, was picked for it’s close proximity to the downtown core, walkability, sense of community, and access to indoor and outdoor activities.

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   What are your top reasons for choosing to live in Vancouver?

Primarily work and family. I’m also quite sheltered in that I don’t know if my West Coast bones could handle any other form of “Winter”.   

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   What does community mean to you and how have you built yours? 

Community is important to me. Even in our short time in Lynn Valley I’ve tried my best to get out to activities with my kids (twin toddlers and a newborn) and meet other parents. I’ve also reconnected with some friends who also relocated from Downtown to the North Shore. Activities like bookclubs, hiking groups, play groups, and neighbourhood events have reassured me that we’ve found a great spot to live and watch our family grow. We spend a lot of time playing in our front yard, nearby parks and playgrounds, and walking up and down our street chatting and playing with our neighbours.  

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   What do you do for work and play?    

I’m a food blogger over at My Kitchen Love where I dive into real recipes that my family enjoys. Recipes that I have time to actually make, with 3 kids under 3 I need food on the table that everyone can and will eat. A product of real life demands, the food you see is truly the food we eat.

 My husband does not cook, besides barbecuing (which he’s fantastic at) so I definitely take charge in the food department. It’s important that the food we eat is healthy, with the odd indulgent treat. I try to make our food life simple, nutritious, and delicious so that I’m not eating toddler leftovers non-stop. Given that we have twins who started life a bit smaller than most babies I’ve been watchful on the foods they consume since Zoe & Isla started eating solids.

 I have a lot of fun with my food blog. The tech side and the writing can sometimes get the best of me during times of pure exhaustion (nights feed for Baby Lucy are still very much a thing), but I love the social interactions, the amazing people I’ve met through it, and all the new creative food we get to enjoy together as a family. 

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• What’s your favourite place to hang out in Vancouver on a rainy day?

Lynn Valley Library, Community Centre Play Gym, Coffee Shops, and quite honestly, the trails (even with the rain). I’ll meet up with other moms and we’ll carry our babies on walks together umbrellas and all.

my kitchen love - people of vancouver samantha - 0010my kitchen love - people of vancouver samantha - 0007  • How about on a sunny day?! 

 Lynn Canyon, Deep Cove, Princess Park (primarily because it’s behind our house and has a great toddler park), our front and back yards, feeding the ducks in the park down the street, as well as the equestrian center at the end of our block (my twin toddlers love petting the ponies and looking at the horses). Also on the North Shore, we go to Lighthouse Park, Whytecliff Park and there’s John Lawson Playground on the West Van Sea Wall to name a few very special ones. This list could go on for quite some time so I’ll stop while I’m ahead. 

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