The Secret Beach

Side note — or top note, I guess: Have you seen our blog-makeover? Perhaps you’ve come to visit and thought you were in the wrong (but very beautiful) place… Rest assured it’s Peaks & Harbours. I’ve just been busy behind the scenes making some changes now that we’ve grown to include new contributors. While the site is flourishing, sometimes sitting in front of the computer for days/nights on end can kill the summer vibe. That’s why abandoned all thought of work and took an evening ride to the beach, armed only with a jar of wine and some band-aids.


One of the advantage of having big kids is that they can ride their bikes long distances — a disadvantage being that they must be consulted on where to go because they wont ride if they don’t want to go. Luckily they were stoked to ride out to our “Secret Beach” and take a swing on the rope swing overlooking the ocean. I was happy that we could watch the sunset, and I would feel like I got outside, even if just for a brief moment.


The ride from our house to the beach (just past Kits Pool) is about 20 minutes — when it’s seamless and we all remember the rules of riding on the road. The traffic is slowed on the streets we ride, and it being a summer evening, many people had chosen to walk, so the streets were almost empty. I will admit that I’ve never been much of a bike rider, and it’s the kids that have taken me out of my comfort zone and forced me to learn a lot about it. My younger son loves all things biking — so keeping up with him has been a learning experience in and of itself. It’s funny how that happens, you assume they will have your interests, only to learn that that they have their own likes and dislikes, and  you have to follow along (or try to catch up).


The “Secret Beach” we go to is not that secret anymore — and as we rounded the corner down the steps, we were greeted with quite a few beach goers who obviously had the same idea. It wasn’t a problem though, there weren’t any other kids, so the swing was free, and my partner and I found a log a short distance from it.


We cracked open the jar of wine and watched the boys play on the swing and skip rocks as the sun set. It’s truly a magical sight, and one that keeps me going through the cold rainy months here in Vancouver. Do you have a secret spot you take off to when you need to unwind? Let me know!


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