Troll Houses by the Ocean

Last week I was on Vancouver Island with the kids, and my mom took us to one of our favourite old spots, Piper’s Lagoon. She wanted to show us a little discovery she had made a while back when walking there with my dad one day. Before we left home, she told the kids to pick something to bring to the trolls in the forest, because she had found a place where you leave them a treat and you can take a new one home with you. The kids were beyond excited, and they set about collecting a treasure.


We drove down to the ocean, and followed her on foot into the sun-dappled trees. She motioned for us to look down at the path we walked on, and we realized there was glitter and little metallic confetti decorating it here and there.


We followed the glitter and then started spotting something colourful at the base of the bigger, older trees.


Troll house doors!

The kids were delighted. It was like walking into a fairy tale forest. Someone had taken the time to install tiny painted doors in the trees, decorate them, and sprinkle a shimmering path to intrigue explorers young and old.


Only one of the doors actually opened, and this was where you are supposed to leave something and take something. Finn left a picture she drew, and took a tiny wooden doll’s bed. Gus left a treasured toy car, and took a “hoochie” which apparently is a squid-looking fish lure, no doubt reminding him of his dad.


After we walked through the forest path, and diligently counted the troll homes (12!), we came through to the other side where the ocean sparkled.


There we collected a few of the most perfectly round and polished rocks to take home to paint later, and climbed over the black cool rocks on the shore.


I was so impressed with those little magical homes! That someone would have the idea, get the supplies, and take the time to create an otherworldly experience for future visitors to that popular place. How wonderful.

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