When In Rome – Bellingham Edition

A few months ago I was in Portland with the fam, and had no idea what to do with the kids. Scouring the internet didn’t help because I didn’t know where to start, and as the rabbit hole grew larger and larger, I thought to myself, “wouldn’t it be nice if there was a resource that was from a local moms mouth that could give me some ‘must-not-be-missed’ places?!”
Introducing When in Rome, our newest series at Peaks & Harbours. Follow along as we connect with moms around the world — learning about their recommendations on what to do if you find yourself in their neck of the woods.


Bri Tejeda // indi moon rose

P&H - Bri TejedaFor our first installment, we head to Bellingham, Washington, where Bri Tejeda, Indi Moon Rose founder, and kick-ass mom of 3 girlies currently calls home. I’ve had an Instagram girl crush over Bri for almost a year now, and have watched her spread her magic through various social media platforms, taking note along the way about how to remain grounded and real. Each week, Bri pours her heart out on her feed, makes us laugh, empowers another handful of women, deletes a post or two, drinks some wine with her pink locks flowing in the wind…*le sigh* you get the picture, she’s that girl. Heart eyes for days. I digress. If you find yourself in Bellingham, skip that silly mall and get real with these 3 recommendations from our girl, Bri:

Lake Padden Park

P&H - Bri TejedaMy first experience at Lake Padden was last year with my, then very pregnant, sister. We hiked up into the trails for several miles with the girls, and I couldn’t get over the greenery and beauty in the woods – feeling more and more disconnected from the city, but comfortable and safe in my environment as followed along the path. The girls were challenged by the hike, but not overwhelmed by it, and their imaginations went wild with the scenery. On our way back down we stopped at one of the rental stations where my sister met a friend who was about to teach a paddle board yoga class on the water – A fun way to experience the zen side of working out during the hotter summer days. From there we swam in the water and took the girls out to a playground located a little bit down from the main beach.P&H - Bri TejedaI think Lake Padden is a great place for a family traveling through, or even as a destination spot for a fun day in the sun. Its amenities are full, including barbecue grills, covered picnic areas, outdoor activity rentals, play structures, basket ball courts and even a pretty well received golf course (or so says my husband). I personally come here to enjoy a day on a budget by packing lunches and letting the park take us from there.  With so much in to do one place, it’s completely worth checking out.

The Bellingham Arts District

P&H -- Bri TejedaThe Bellingham Arts district is definitely worth checking out – located in the heart of downtown and home to all my favorite places. We have yearly memberships to the museums, which include the light catcher portion of the Whatcom Museum – and happens to house one of the best restaurants in the city, TwoFifty – Flora – and is walking distance from a student ran gallery and venue called Make Shift something that is without a doubt worth checking out and supporting. It is also walking distance to the best coffee in town, Black Drop, where you will find an eclectic group of people all appreciating the magic that is a good cup of Joe. The murals and art work surrounding this little hub of goodness are pretty wonderful too.

P&H -- Bri TejedaP&H - Bri Tejeda

Wander Brew Hall

P&H -- Bri TejedaAn historic Boat factory turned Brew Hall – its here you can find the best beer in town. Its open feel and simple styling leaves you feeling refreshed and comfortable enough to hang out for a couple hours to work, talk, eat and relax. My favorite is the sound of the rain on the tin roof and the gentle echo that happens as it bounces of the large open space. You can find some of the local food truck favorites parked outside next to their open air eating area – always giving you an opportunity to try something new, always guaranteeing deliciousness.  This last time we went the brisket was yelling my name something incredible.  The best part of it all, its family friendly – with enough space that you never feel like a nuisance showing up with your wild tribe.

P&H -- Bri Tejeda

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