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New Contributor Alert! Interview: Meet Stina Morissette.

Summer is rolling along – so fast that I’m literally chasing it while I struggle with back-to-school shopping bags and my feather-light wallet in hand. Good news is, the P&H ladies have been delivering content so fresh lately, I can almost pretend that the computer’s glow as I edit is actually a relaxing, beach sunset – Pinot Grigio in hand of course.

Bree and I are extra thrilled that we have a new contributor to introduce you to: Stina Morisette. She and Bree have been friends since diaper-times, so I’m going to hand it over to Bree for the proper, sappy introductions.

I first met Stina back in the summer of ’81 when I emerged from my mother’s womb. She was 6 months old. Our friendship over the past 36 years has seen us navigating elementary school, high school, pimples, boys, men, babies, pre-teens, wrinkles, breasts, break-ups, wine and new loves, and has remained the sort of friendship where it doesn’t matter if a day or a year has passed, we can pick-up exactly where we left off. She truly is a gift.

In addition to being an amazing human, Stina is also an educator. She had two goals growing up: one, to have twin daughters, and the other, to be a teacher. I think she is more than happy with her two lovely boys, but the teacher-thing stuck. She is currently on maternity-leave from her job as a French-Immersion International Baccalaureate teacher, and we are delighted she accepted our request for her to share her teach-talk, Danish culture, and general life-musings with us.

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Shifting Culture: Meet Lori Boland

I am so eager to introduce to you all Lori Boland, who is the Project Lead of Culture Shift at YWCA Metro Vancouver. Lori and the YWCA team have been doing incredible work spearheading this project, which “aims to shift attitudes and practices that perpetuate the sexualization of women and girls and corresponding hypermasculinization of men and boys.” As I typed up our interview with Lori, I found myself devouring her answers just as vociferously as when I first read them – truly an inspiring woman, working hard and keeping life balanced & light amidst heavy issues.

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Meet Tara Cheyenne, Artistic Director of Tara Cheyenne Performance

I have had the absolute pleasure of working with Tara for the past three years in my day job, Associate Director of New Works here in Vancouver. At least once a week she’s in the office, stroller in tow, to meet with her GM Janice, and get down to the business of running an amazing dance theatre company. She’s a ray of fresh, real sunshine, and always make you laugh. I’m so delighted that Tara is our newest interview on the site today – read on and don’t forget to see her next performance in a week!

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INTERVIEW: Danielle Nott of Monkey & Peanut!

Say hello to local entrepreneur Danielle Nott! She is the bright and beautiful creator of Monkey & Peanut, a sweet small business that I only wish was around when my little ones’ pants were drooping to the floor. Bree and I were introduced to Danielle through her good friends Jack and Marty – you know who you are 😉 and we got to continue the conversation over coffee on Main Street, and of course through the interwebs. Find out how she made the leap from dental office to creative business below!

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Interview: Miko Hoffman of Coral & Cloud

About a year ago, I came across Miko’s beautifully hand-painted bead necklaces in one of our favourite shops Collage Collage. Almost simultaneously, her lovely and popular Coral + Cloud Instagram feed popped up on my phone, and we started a magical online friendship of enthusiastic hearts and sparkling emoji ‘love eyes’. Her styling is on point, and her thoughtfulness infuses her work with love and an obvious joy in what she now calls her full-time gig. We were thrilled when she agreed to be interviewed a little while ago, because just like all of you, we love hearing about the back story of how entrepreneurs have found or fallen into what they do, and their daily life of balancing kids, life, and work. Meet Miko everyone!

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Sarah Shabacon, Owner of IWEARTHEHEADRESS

We first came across IWEARTHEHEADRESS on Instagram (surprise, surprise) this past summer when Bree was having all sorts of short-hair-lady problems after swimming with her boys. She commented on a post wondering if they’d work for her hair too, and was amazed at the almost instant reply from Sarah, the brainchild and designer behind the immensely popular brand. We quickly found Sarah to have a well-founded reputation for being a kind, genuine person and one smart business lady, who has built an incredible company of handmade, beautifully designed headbands through a simple concept and a dedication to quality. With over 27k followers on Instagram, this local company run by a gracious and stunningly beautiful mama of two, is worth knowing about and supporting. Read along and get to know the lovely Sarah. xo Continue Reading

Lyndsay Sung of Coco Cake Land

A while ago Bree and I were scouring the interweb and our beautiful friends, for info on women in Vancouver who were doing amazing things with their careers, making connections in the community, all with a family to support. Bree had just been asked to participate in an Instagram 12 Days of Christmas with other local creatives, and as we huddled over our phones insta-stalking the other participants we came across Lyndsay Sung of Coco Cake Land.

Our eyes widened in the cellular glow at the incredibly beautiful pictures on her site, and we were immediately drawn to the thoughtful way Lyndsay wrote about her love of food, her closeness with her family, and her adoration of her young son Teddy. As we continued to follow along, we were also captivated by her honest and open experiences with her wave of treatments after her breast cancer diagnosis earlier this year.

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