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Hello? Are you still out there?

It’s been a while! How are you? How has your summer been so far? We’ve been a little quiet on this end for the last month – it’s amazing how every year we forget how insane summers can been when you have kids, and work, and are just trying to live your best life. It’s a master juggling act every single day. But we are still here! and we’re glad you are too.

Here’s a little peek into what we’ve been up to over the last month – disclaimer: this is a carefully edited glimpse that only projects the most serene and sublime moments, and does not depict the endless food prep, childcare runs, battling siblings, and restorative wine sighs.

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Sans Social Media Saturday.

In my endless quest to find balance between technology and sanity – without moving off-grid to start my own self-sustainable textile/veggie farm – I have begun to institute Sans Social Media Saturday. No instagram, no facebook, no websites, no email…

I’ve had a grand total of ONE of these Saturdays. Apparently I was firmly stuck in the procrastination station, because although I’ve had this idea for months, I just instituted it last weekend.

So how’d it go, you ask?

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Tripping Out

Yesterday my son asked me if I remembered our road-trip in the Westie… And as he started to get all reminiscent, I reminded him it was a few weeks ago. But then I started thinking that he’s right — with everything we’ve had going on since ourΒ trip to the interior of BC, it does seem like a lifetime ago. Does that happen to anyone else? You get home and hit the ground running, getting caught-up with laundry and getting them back to their lessons and school (not to mention work). Sometimes it’s nice to reminisce… Maybe my little guy is on to something here. Continue Reading

DIY Colour War



Summer is just around the corner, so we decided to have a little extra fun with our friends at the end of the year by colour bombing each other. This is such a fun way to get out and have a mess of the prettiest kind. It’s safe, Continue Reading

A Real Trip

The trip started as many have – me stressing out and imagining all the possible horrible scenarios in which we could meet death. The highway, a bear attack, a bear attack on the highway. You know, the usual.

Only it wasn’t a usual trip. It had the makings to be extraordinary. Continue Reading