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Today I learned that if you ‘lug-a-rug’ to the carpet cleaner you save 20% off your rug cleaning. I also learned that you should not have a wool shag-rug in your living room if you have a vegan chocolate lab who likes to eat any meat and dairy she can get her greasy paws on when she thinks you have left her for the evening and she gets all sneaky and shit and uses her invisible opposable thumbs to open the compost. Continue Reading

Flying solo (for three days)

I was going to write a blog post about travelling with kids, and I probably still will, but I recently took a solo trip to New York City and remembered that it’s actually a lot more fun to travel without kids. Being a working mama, I get very little time to myself. Technically, it was a work trip, I went to help out with a trade show for Devon’s Drawer (the children’s clothing line I run with my mom and sister). But it was also a good excuse to get away for a couple days (I was gone for three nights and four days). 

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Meet Vanessa Norris!

Hi everyone! Kyla here…I’m happy to welcome a new contributor to the Peaks & Harbours team, my dear friend Vanessa Norris. Vanessa is an amazing mom to two girls, a kick-ass high school Science teacher and passionate environmentalist. So without further ado, please welcome Vanessa!


What does it mean to spend a year at home with a baby and toddler?

I have finally accepted that I am clinging on to the last few threads of my second maternity leave with white knuckles and a raw heart.

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“Where are all the women?” my daughter asked.

My daughter, Finn, came home last week announcing her frustration with a historical research assignment her class had been given. It was on exploration to North America, and students could choose either Christopher Columbus or the Viking Leif Erikson. As Finn drawled out the men’s names, her eyes nearly rolled across the floor and out the window.

“Where are all the women?” she sighed.

“Oh, they’re there.” I replied, trying very hard to contain my excitement that was threatening to boil over. “So why don’t we do a little research on one, and ask your teacher if you can do your report on her instead?”

Finn’s eyes brightened, “Yes!” she finally smiled.

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The Unlikable Woman.

Last night, when I should have been sleeping, I was catching up on Roxane Gay’s Bad Feminist – in particular her chapter “Not here to make friends.” The chapter title comes from that inevitable quip from every ‘difficult’ (usually female) member of any competitive reality show, when it turns out she’s not here for pedicures and pillow fights with her teammates. Because if a woman isn’t kind, agreeable, and making all the right decisions – she must be a bitch or a loser right?

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The time for feminism (is now)

Friends, misogyny has got me down (that, and the stomach flu). The political events of the last couple weeks have made me realize that there is still so. much. work. for us feminists. And I feel sad. And mad.

I don’t want to rehash the events of the recent U.S. election, there is much pithy analysis on this topic and I don’t have much to add. What I’ve really been thinking though is about is my own experience of misogyny, and my friends’ experiences.

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A new identity

So I spent the weekend updating my identity. My online identity that is. In addition to updating all my social media channels (except LinkedIn, because it doesn’t make sense to me) and completely transformed my website into a vision of who I want to be. And now I am exhausted. Who knew constructing a virtual identity could suck the actual life out of someone? Continue Reading