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Room to Dwell

This summer my husband and I decided to stay mostly local. We wanted to spend time connecting with each other, our sons,  friends, family and our community. I often find parallels between what I read for my Master’s Degree and my personal & professional life. Margaret Latta’s article about “creating room to dwell” and ““embracing the process” (Latta, 2010) in the context of teachers finding time during  and after lessons to be present and mindful of the learning that is occurring really resonated with me and became the basis of my thesis a few years ago. I have found connections to this concept of “creating room to dwell” in the inquiries I have undertook with my students over the years, in the Self Regulation work I have focused on in my classroom, in my personal goals of being present for my students and my family, and in many of the adventures I had with my family over the summer. This article has continued to inspire me to create room to dwell in the days and moments I am fortunate to share with my sons. Continue Reading

Tripping Out

Yesterday my son asked me if I remembered our road-trip in the Westie… And as he started to get all reminiscent, I reminded him it was a few weeks ago. But then I started thinking that he’s right — with everything we’ve had going on since our trip to the interior of BC, it does seem like a lifetime ago. Does that happen to anyone else? You get home and hit the ground running, getting caught-up with laundry and getting them back to their lessons and school (not to mention work). Sometimes it’s nice to reminisce… Maybe my little guy is on to something here. Continue Reading

A Real Trip

The trip started as many have – me stressing out and imagining all the possible horrible scenarios in which we could meet death. The highway, a bear attack, a bear attack on the highway. You know, the usual.

Only it wasn’t a usual trip. It had the makings to be extraordinary. Continue Reading


Sometimes I question why Carina and I make the choices we do. Neither of especially like crowds, and yet we continue to put ourselves in situations that have us surrounded by tons (and tons) of people. Our visit to the Vancouver Art Gallery this past Sunday for Family Fuse was no different. Carina even decided to test her limitations and bring an extra kid along. She’s obviously crazy. Continue Reading

Have Book, Will Travel.

I’ve written before about reading my book to kids at schools and the like … But never had I attempted 5 readings to 200 kids in one day. It was no small feat. Adding to this is the fact that I also brought my kids along for the day … And it was in Victoria! Mom of the year or glutton for punishment? I’ll take the latter. Continue Reading

Take a Break!: Reductress

I don’t know about the rest of you but I am exhausted!  I was going to write a bit more of a thoughtful post this week but I just don’t have the thoughts.   I’m currently sitting at my desk, on my Friday (Thursday), trying to stay awake for 2 more hours so I can go home.  After consuming multiple bottles of wine yesterday at the inaugural East Van Feminist Book Club (more to come), I am slightly hungover but mostly just really tired.  My brain can’t function at the moment to write patents or analyze data.  Who likes to procrastinate? Me! Me! Me! Here is a fun site which takes little brain power, The Reductress.   The Reductress is like the Onion for women.  It has the best kind of humour that always has a grain of truth in it.  Here are a few that I found on the site today.  Click the image to go through to the article.

Eggnog cleanse just in time for the holidays!

Eggnog cleanse just in time for the holidays!


Bah ha! I love making fun of cleanses and I love eggnog.  My apologies if you have “cleansed” yourself before but they aren’t for me. I like food and as a scientist I have a hard time believing in the science behind “cleansing”.  I am more a proponent of colon hydrotherapy, so relaxing!  If I want to clean something, I’ll clean my house; or at least think about cleaning my house.

If I had given birth at work I probably would have chosen in the 25 degree incubation room with the chemical shower on.

If I had given birth at work, I probably would have chosen the 25 degree incubation room with the safety shower on.


This is a great example of how they get nuggets of truth in their humour.  Feeling guilty about being pregnant at work?  Feeling guilty about taking maternity leave?  How about feeling self-conscious cause you look like a waddling beached whale around the office trying not to have Bob from Marketing notice how enormous your boobs are.

Any of them will do!

Any of them will do!


If you think that everyone you dated in your 20’s was amazing and did not have large red warning flags smacking you in the face then just stop reading this now.  I think you belong on private site for people with butterflies flying out of their butt.

If you haven't done this, you aren't female.

If you haven’t done this, you aren’t female.


This is a great illustration that we do not live in a post-sexist society.  Women still walk in fear, late at night, rushing to get our keys out and get in the door.   The Reductress pokes fun at these feminist dilemmas in a great way.

Good thing my baby was trendy, phew!

Good thing babies were trendy in 2013, Phew!


Here’s another one for us Moms.  Such a dilemma going from all the cute maternity wear and rocking that baby bump to delivering a baby and having to wear (gasp!) sweat pants for 6 months.  I hope you sense my sarcasm.  I rock sweats on the regular with pride and did not have a cute baby bump. Unless you think gaining 50 pounds is cute.


Me in 200 pounds of glory.

Me and  200 pounds of glory.  Double chins ain’t cute.  But getting a Ph.D. allowed me to wear a floppy Renaissance hat, which was so on trend for 2013.


I hope this site has brought a smile to your face or at the very least, you can make fun of me in my pregnant enormity. I will be sleeping at my desk if anyone needs me.