changing paths (again)

Helllllooooooooooo….. I swear, every time I write something here, it starts with an apology as to why I’ve let so much time lapse. I won’t let it happen again as I have now made a commitment to write on P&H on a regular basis (along with a bunch of new and returning women), and since I hate carrying around the guilt of letting people down, I think I will be able to actually do this.

A few things have happened in the past few months which I am incredibly proud of, one being my book launch for my second book, Milo and Georgie, at Collage Collage, and the other being my acceptance to the UBC Creative Writing Master’s program. I know what you are all thinking – another Master’s Degree?!?! Why? Where does that get you? Weren’t you doing a PhD???

My answer is a novel. And my other answer is “who knows.” But it feels like the right thing to do because I am coming at it with a ton of excitement and no apprehension – which in previous degrees, I have had because I was so focused on the end result and just getting there. This time I am ready to be the old woman in the group and soak it alllllllllll in. I am fully aware that opportunities like this don’t come around again, and I am ready to make the most of it.

This morning while walking my dog, I ran into a neighbour who’s wife has her degree in Creative Writing (from Oxford, and I want to approach her to write on Peaks, so keep your fingers crossed for that), and we got into a conversation about academia and the tangled web you find yourself in when you pursue that path. I am sure Jen and Kyla and Carina can all speak to this in far greater depth than I can, but when positions come up to teach at universities, and the list of credentials needed are longer than your body… you get the feeling that they are basically calling for someone who doesn’t have children because there aren’t enough hours in the day to accomplish what they’re asking for.

Nowadays, with a 9 and 11 year-old, I have become the chauffeur to their various activities (like many of you). We have also become a dance-family this past year, and this means being at the studio several times a week (and even more during the lead-up to recitals). I know I am a very-single mom (that means it’s JUST me), but I have a lot of help from my dad, and it’s still difficult to coordinate. So I had to choose to continue on the PhD path or pivot to the Master’s and perhaps impose limits on my future in academia (in terms of teaching). Time will tell. With two more books coming out in the next few years, I do feel well-positioned with this new path … And I will stop there because now it seems like I am trying to sell you on this, and that’s not my intention.

I hope to be able to use this space as a place to share the journey ahead, and maybe even some of the stuff I write — and vent about working full-time while being in school full-time, and then being a full-time mom too… So stay tuned. No more apologies. Also, buy my book — It’s pretty-much amazing, and I am a single-mom 😉

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