Flying solo (for three days)

I was going to write a blog post about travelling with kids, and I probably still will, but I recently took a solo trip to New York City and remembered that it’s actually a lot more fun to travel without kids. Being a working mama, I get very little time to myself. Technically, it was a work trip, I went to help out with a trade show for Devon’s Drawer (the children’s clothing line I run with my mom and sister). But it was also a good excuse to get away for a couple days (I was gone for three nights and four days). 

Everything is easier travelling on your own. Literally everything. I told my sister I was looking forward to sitting on a plane for five hours in silence, and she told me that I wasn’t really selling the whole having kids thing. 

Once I got into the city I rediscovered the joys of going out for dinner and staying out as late as I wanted (ahem, 10:30. I’m not in my twenties anymore!),  drinking wine, and then coming home to watch Saturday Night Live. We saw some amazing comedy at the Comedy Cellar, thanks to my sister who is much more organized than me and remembered to book tickets. 

I went shopping, on my own. I lingered in my favourite stores, and touched everything. I didn’t have to worry about my maniac kids running around, or hiding behind clothing racks and jumping out to scare people (this is actually one of my son’s favourite activities when I take him shopping).

In my everyday life, I somehow squeeze my yoga practice into my day but it always feels like a struggle (usually I go at 5 am before work). On vacation, I went for long yoga classes in the middle of the day, and then stayed after for a cup of chai tea.

Cheers to solo mama trips!

Planning your own trip to New York? Here’s a few of my recommendations for an adult (as in blissfully kid free) trip to New York City:

  1. Go go to Creatures of Comfort, especially if you like stores where everything is super expensive and delicate, and the sales girls are way younger and hipper than you. Still, it’s one of my favourite stores. I usually just touch everything and then buy things on sale. 
  2. We went to the Comedy Cellar on a Sunday night at 9 PM. Not the primo time slot you say? Well, that would be wrong. It was amazing! Notable comics at our show included Kevin Hart, Greer Barnes from the Chapelle Show, and Michelle Wolf from the Daily Show. It was only $14, plus a two drink minimum! Make sure that you book tickets in advance.
  3. New York has the best restaurants. The first night we went to Blossom, an amazing vegan restaurant. The second night we went to Eataly, another favourite that we discovered on our family trip to Italy. The last night I was there we went to Joseph Leonard, which is a hip West Village joint (a friend works there and saved me a table).
  4. I’ve been practicing yoga since I was 16, and am a bit of a yoga tourist: I went on exchange to Copenhagen while at law school mostly because a yoga teacher I wanted to study with lived in the city. So I always scope out the yoga scene when travelling, and try to go to at least one yoga class. In New York, I like Jivamukti yoga, which offers classes with a unique mix of power yoga, kirtan, and meditation.

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